Web Designing Course - Best Training - Fees, Placements, Duration, Certification - Online Classes Available

Best Web Designing Training Course - Online Classes Available

Web Designing Certification Course - Overview

  • First Step in Developing a Web Based Project
  • A Step By Step Instuctor Led Training will help you design a Responsive Website meaning one design for all devices like desktop, tablets, phablets, mobile etc
  • Hence, to Learn Responsive Website Development our experts have prepared best curriculum that suffice most industry requirements.
  • Curriculum Covers
    • Core Courses - HTML, CSS, Javascript
    • Advanced Courses - JQuery, Bootstrap, Media Query and Angular JS
    • Mini Project - At the End of Course
  • Training Methodology - 25% Theory & 75% Hands On
  • Who Can Learn - Both IT & Non IT People

Best Web Designing Classroom & Online Training

  • Training From Experts
  • Affordable Fees
  • Learn from Basics
  • 80% Practical's
  • Job Oriented Course - Learn from Basics to Advanced Topics.
  • 100% Job Opportunities
  • Dedicated Placement Team - Check Recent placed students on site
  • Interview Prepare Sessions
  • Resume Building
  • Live Projects / Study Material etc. Provided
  • Free Demo

#1 Web Designing Classroom & Online Training Program

Best Web Designing Job/Placement Institute

100% Job Opportunities !

We provide Free Placement Service to our students to help them get job in industry. Service will be offered up to 1 year (more than sufficient) until they get job as per requirements from industry (overall 700+ companies). Check recent placed students on site and few of recent added companies on page below. Eligibility criteria - a full length course of minimum duration of 2 months or above or combination of related courses of minimum 2 months duration enrolled with us in Live Online or Classroom Trainings format.

Our Recent Placements - click here

Web Designing Syllabus

1.5 months

  • Web Design Overview
  • About Responsive Website Designing
  • HTML & HTML 5
    • Table
    • Types of Lists
    • Forms
    • Head tag & Meta tag
    • Layout
    • Classes and ID
    • Div Tags
    • Section Tags
    • HTML 5 new element
    • HTML 5 Validations
  • Onpage SEO
    • Implementing OnPage SEO
    • Using Meta Tags
    • Title Tag
    • Description Tag
    • View Port
    • Page Header Tags - H1, H2, H3, H4 etc

  • CSS & CSS3
    • Basics
    • Background Image & Colors
    • Selectors
    • Declaration & Types
    • Fonts & Text Properties
    • Text Shadow, Gradients etc.
    • Overflow & Display Properties etc.
    • Effects - Border Raidus, Box Shadow etc
    • Box Model - Border, Margin etc
    • Positions - Static, Absolute, Relative, Fixed, Sticky etc
    • Transforms - 2d & 3d Effects
    • Transitions - Color Effects
    • Animations
    • Menu & Navigation Bar
    • Chrome's Inspect Element for Desktop & Mobile for Runtime CSS Manupulations
  • CSS Media Query
    • Overivew
    • Creating CSS Media Query Files
    • Device Width wise CSS Programming
  • Project Debugging Techniques

  • JavaScript
    • Basics
    • Variables, Operators, Data Types etc
    • Control Structures - If-Else, while, Do while, For Loops
    • Logic Building Sessions
    • Creating Functions
    • Inbuilt Functions - Dates, Strings, Numerics etc
    • Arrays
    • Objects
    • Events
    • Statements
    • Regular Expressions
    • HTML DOM
    • Alert box
  • jQuery
    • Basics
    • Effects
    • DOM Parsing
    • Form Validations
    • Events
    • functions
    • Creating Images
    • Dynamic CSS Programming
    • Hide and show element

  • Bootstrap
    • Basics
    • Grid system
    • Tables
    • Images
    • Button
    • Font Awesome & Glyphic Icons
    • Pagination
    • Forms
    • Menu & Navigation Bar
    • Carousel Plugin
    • Bootstrap Modals - (pop ups)
    • Creating Responsive Websites in Bootstrap
    • Create images for Website
    • CANVA
  • Live Projects


Training Programs:

Live Online Training & Classroom
100% Job Opportunities !
Affordable Fees
Free Demo


Recent Live Batch Recording
+ Trainer Support

Web Designing

Learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap etc.

₹2500 Enroll Now

Backend Development

Learn PHP, Adv. PHP, MySQL, Wordpress etc.

₹2500 Enroll Now

Full Stack Developer

(Full Course, Both Above, with Project)

₹4500 Enroll Now

Syllabus :- PDF

Sample Lectures :- Web Desinging Lec, PHP Lec & Wordpress Lec

Course Preview Video - check above

What All Things You will Get, Refund Policy etc. check preview above and read more section below

More Info :- It is NOT JUST Recorded Videos as many provide, these are our Recent Placement Training Live Batch Recorded Lectures. Hence You are Learning a Job Oriented Course with Certificate and Projects from Experts !

Access Details You will get Course Access on your registered email id (gmail only) in 24 to 48 hours (mostly on same day) for 6 months. You can watch any lecture max 7 times in 6 months more than sufficient for both Learning and Revision with Practice. Mostly you will understand in first 2 watch itself as these lectures are understood by our recent live batch students. Still in case needed Limited Trainer Support via email will be provided via email in case you get stuck. Trainer support will be for max 6 months or until certificate is issued.

Training Material / Notes / Certificates etc ? Yes Provided. Check Course Preview Video above for details. Since we are an ISO Certified Institute so our Certificate is Valid Every. Hence Attend Your Technical Interview with Full Confidence ! Certificate will be issued within 1 week of course completion.

Placement Support - Not part of this training as not affordable to us in less fees. If you want placement support as well then enroll in our Live Training Programs.

Why Fees are Less as compared to Our Live Training Programs ? Because You save our Trainers Cost, Infra Cost, HR cost and many other costs. So the benefit is passed on to you. If you need all these facilities then enroll in our Live Training Programs.

How Your Course Stand Out from Others ? These are Recent Placement Training Live Batch Recorded Lectures and not just typical pre-recorded videos with Study Material, Notes, Programs, Projects etc. that have been understood by our Live Batch Students and have Helped in their Job Search and not typical pre recorded videos. So you will get Similar Live Training Experience in Less Fees.

Will your Course Help me in My Job Search ? Yes 100% Since our Courses and Training Material have helped our Live Batch Students in their Job Search and You will be Getting same with Similar Live Training Expereince so it will Help You as well ! So Attend Your Interviews With Full Confidence !

100% Refund Policy - Yes. If You Don't Understand 1st Two Lectures then you will get 100% Refund Without Any Deductions in your Bank Account withing 5 working days if requested in max 2 days from course access. No Questions Asked ! So its Like Try Free !

Any Discounts ? No. We deliver quality and not just anything because it is matter of your career and also our brand image. So we have kept reasonable fees.

Can I Visit Your Office - Yes. Our Institute is opened all the days and we are Among Leading Training Institutes in Mumbai based opp. Thane rly stn from last 8+ years. So you can visit our office or if you have someone in Mumbai you can ask them to visit. Our Counsellors will be Happy to Help You. Best Reviews on Google since Last 8+ years.

Our Observation Most Students Completed their Course Successful with less or no Doubts. Many Enrolled for Multiple Courses after completing their first course.

Can I enroll only in One Course ? Yes. You can enroll either in single or full course as per your requirements.

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Sample Lectures ? Yes. Check above.

So Enroll > Upgrade > Get Certified > Attend Your Technical Interviews with Full Confidence !

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