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  • Best Flutter Course to Learn in Online / Classroom Format from Best Flutter Training Institute QuickXpert Infotech known for Quality Training in Reasonable Fees and Placements!

  • About Hybrid App Development -

    Android and IOS are two market leaders in APP release. Earlier separate developers were needed to create and launch apps in both playstores. So it creates lot of overhead for the companies. Hence Hybrid APP Development is high in demand now. Meaning Create 1 APP and export compatible outputs for both Android and IOS. Hence only 1 developer needed instead of 2. Hence high in demand as it reduces lot of costs for companies and projects.

  • About Flutter App Development -

    Flutter is 1 of Leading Hybrid App Development platform developed by Google and hence high in demand.

  • About our Flutter App Development Certification Course with Real time Project -

    Learn from Basics to Advanced Hybrid APP development using Flutter. Best for both Freshers and Exp. who want to become an APP Developer for both Android and IOS at same time.

  • What You Will Learn ?

    Learn hybrid app development with projects using DART and Flutter with app deployment steps on Playstore.

  • Duration -

    2 months

  • Fees -

    ₹16000(O) / ₹20000(C) - Get Fees

  • Trainer -

    Exp. Professional, Trained Lots of Students!

  • Any Pre-requisites -

    coding knowledge a plus.

  • Scope & Job Openings -

    Very High with Good Pay.

  • Jobs Roles Targeted -

    App Developer, Hybrid App Developer, Flutter Developer etc.

  • Upcoming Batch -

    New batch at regular intervals. Upcoming Batch


2 months
  • Understanding main method
  • Run your app on real device
  • Hot reload option in flutter
  • Creating a small Timer app project
  • Understanding dart programming language
  • Inheritance, abstraction and mixins
  • Loops, conditions, switch statements
  • Understanding how to add input fields in screen
  • Understanding stateless and stateful components in flutter
  • Adding UI components like input fields and buttons on screen
  • Creating a calculator app project
  • Understanding flutter navigation components
  • Adding a new Screen to your app
  • Passing information from first screen to second screen and vice versa
  • Creating app that simulate Passing information between screens operation
  • Creating a form using user address
  • Understanding a NOSQL database in mobile and follow good practices
  • Understanding SQLite database creation and table creation process
  • SQL CRUD Operations
  • Understanding permissions in Android
  • Adding bitmap images to screen
  • Using device camera to click an image
  • Sending Camera data back to screen and display image on bitmap
  • Creating app that captures camera image and displays on screen
  • Creating a list view
  • Preparing list of data of contacts
  • Implementing Swipeable views in android
  • Creating app like home screen of whatsapp
  • Creating beautiful cards for displaying data
  • Introduction to web services in flutter
  • Identifying difference between GET and POST methods
  • Implementing simple rest API consumption app
  • Understanding how to prepare an Ecommerce
  • Passing Data from Server and displaying products in Screen
  • Setting up actions when you click on different products
  • Implementing search functionality for different products
  • Integrating push notification using firebase
  • Introduction to fire base
  • Generating user api key and registering app on Firebase console
  • Triggering notification from firebase console and sending notification to users
  • Understanding Bloc state management
  • How to do routing and navigation between multiple screens
  • Creating apps for different screen sizes like Android TV, Web and mobile
  • Understanding event triggers in State management
  • Live Online - ₹13000
  • Classroom - ₹17000
  • Fees inclusive of GST
  • Upcoming Batches

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Best IT Institute
ISO Certified
Training From Experts
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Best Placements Service
1000+ Companies
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  • More info about QuickXpert Infotech?

    ✓ Best Institute for IT Training & Placements
    ✓ ISO Certified
    ✓ Training Modes - Live Online and Classroom
    ✓ Trained Students Globally - Trained both Indian and international students from countries like US, UK, Germany, Dubai etc. in Live online training
    ✓ Our Live Projects -, etc. (check about us section in the website to check our institute name QuickXpert Infotech in developed by name)
    ✓ Corporate Trainings Delivered - To organizations like GeBBS Healthcare, PDG Softwares, NVest solutions etc.
    ✓ 100% Job Guaranteed Courses available (check link in header) else 100% Placement Support (short duration courses of min 2 months duration) with 1 to 1.5 years of placement support which is also quite a long period of placement support.
    ✓ 100% Job Oriented Programs
    ✓ Individual Attention and Doubt Solving
    ✓ Interview Preparation
    ✓ Resume Building
    ✓ Best Placement Service:
    ⇒ Dedicated HR for placements
    ⇒ 1000+ companies
    ⇒ For quick results, placement support starts even while training is ongoing if some criterias are fulfilled or by default on completion of training.
    ⇒ As a result, lots of students got placed in ongoing training or in just 2 months of completion of training!! Check photos with company names on placement page.
    ✓ Reasonable Fees
    ✓ Installments available
    ✓ Since 2014

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    New batches at regular intervals. Limited seats per batch.

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  • Do you provide live online trainings?

    Yes. We train students across India and globally in live online trainings.

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  • Do you provide corporate trainings?

    Yes. Our Corporate Clients - NMIMS (among top MBA colleges in India), GeBBS Healthcare Solutions, PDG Software India Pvt Ltd, NVest Solution Pvt Ltd etc.

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  • Do you accept international admissions?

    Yes. Training language will be English. We train students globally and have trained students from countries like US, UK, Germany, Australia, Dubai etc. Training mode will be live online training.

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  • How online trainings are conducted?

    via Zoom / Google Meet / Gotomeet etc. Instructors will be live and it will not be pre-recorded lectures with live doubt solving via screen share.

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  • Is attendance mandatory?

    Around 90% attendance will help you benefit in all of our training programs. However attendance is not a stopper from your eligibility in our placement process.

  • What if i miss a session?

    1. If unable to join in classroom then you can join online because ours is a hybrid mode of training.
    2. Either in classroom or Live Online Trainings if you miss a lecture, then, lecture recording or repeat lecture will be provided (as feasible to us) so that your training completes on time.

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  • Will I get course completion certificate?

    Yes. We are an ISO certified institute so our certifiate is well accepted across the industries.

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  • Group discounts?

    Yes available. Please submit inquiry form for details.

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  • Do you provide computers / laptops for practice?


  • Can i bring my laptop for practice?


  • Any laptop requirement for online trainings?

    minimum i3 laptop with 4GB or 8GB ram and an internet with minimum 5G internet speed.

  • More queries?

    please visit home page and also talk to our counsellors

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